This is the first post I’ve made on my new personal blog @ This will merely be the wanderings of a bitcoin obsessed guy in America who wants to see the world improve. If you want to get an idea of some of the content I’ve produced in the past you may want to begin by checking out my Steem profile at While this may or may not be what this site includes it’s where I’ve spent the last year for most social media ramblings. (Hint: I usually just spend time streaming me playing video games.)

Now I’ve already mentioned two different crypto based projects in my first paragraph to this introduction. That warrants that I clarify this site is not intended to serve as financial advice. Please consult your financial adviser for any decisions you feel you must make. This site is not intended to be legal advice. Please consult with an attorney for matters that you feel warrant such advice. Finally this site may contain technical material but should not be considered technical instruction. I don’t want you to be looking at me when you lose tons of money following something I’ve posted to track for myself. I just want to track things I find interesting and hope you might find interesting too.

While crypto is a large part of my life I’d be amiss if I didn’t quickly include my family in this post. While I’m not sure posts about my personal life will be the focus of this adventure I must let you know that a good portion of my attention is focused in this direction and primarily towards my wonderful wife Kati. This certainly helps shape my world view and thus the things I find and share.

Tools For The Site

As I mentioned before I’m very into crypto based projects and the two I primarily follow are Bitcoin and Steem. If you want to fully interact with this site then you’ll want to be prepared to start utilizing those. In fact I’ll be testing two tools for these networks in this first post. If you don’t know how to use these tools you might find me posting a recollection of my path to get them using sometime in the future. I’ll try to remember to come back here to update this with links if that day ever comes! 🙂

The first tool I’ll be utilizing is an integration with SteemPress to publish my postings to the Steem blockchain. This ensures my content can be distributed to a network of individuals with the ability to reward the content via upvotes and thus allowing me to earn Steem tokens. This also means that even if my hosting provider decided to remove my website my writings that are synced there will still be available.

I will also often include a message at the end of most posts hidden behind Lightning Publisher. To read these messages you’ll need to have a lightning enabled Bitcoin wallet to pay an invoice of a few Satoshis.

In less crypto focused technology you can also subscribe to my mailing list on the site to receive updates as new posts go up or content is created. You can sign up for my mailing list here. Even with all of the new social media platforms that exist I still find that email is one of the best ways to stay connected.

Thank you

Thank you for supporting this first post on my page. I look forward to spending more time on this project to create a hub to find me on the internet. I hope you’ll stick around and help me build this new cyber haven.

As I mentioned before you can support more content by utilizing a Steem account (create one here) to upvote, play around with the Bitcoin Lightning network and leave a few Satoshis towards the post or you can become a patron by heading over to Most of all I’m happy just seeing you interacting with me so let me know what you think!


As I promised here’s a first run of the lightning publisher. Hopefully you’re a Cincinnati Reds fan to appreciate this if you decide to support this post through lightning. To see the answer to this trivia question you’ll need a lightning wallet and 10 Satoshis. Who was the last Cincinnati Reds player to lead the NL in RBIs?

[ifpaid 0.0000001 BTC]

Dave Parker had 125 in 1985.

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