Have you heard about @FreedomEx yet? It’s a new exchange that’s being built to support Steem and the multitude of tokens that will be coming online for our ecosystem in the coming years. If this team is able to fulfill their dreams then they may become a huge part of your Steem experience.

In case you haven’t heard, tokenization has arrived on the Steem blockchain. With projects like Steem Engine delivering on their Smart Contract Tokens and Steemit Inc. eventually releasing Smart Media Tokens, soon anyone will be able to create a new coin or token. There will be a multitude of coins you’ll be able to earn by participating in this ecosystem with each holding it’s own market value.

What becomes evident is that there will be a need for an exchange that can support all of these tokens for any of them to seed enough liquidity for support. This is where FreedomEx hopes they can stand in to provide a market that will allow the exchange of these multiple protocols along with more traditionally traded protocols like BTC, ERC-20 or TRX 10/20. This will even feature Steem as a primary trading pair against

Taking things a step further for the Steem ecosystem, FreedomEx is also planning to help token creators move from alternative platforms once the SMT protocol is ready for release. This doesn’t end their lofty goals either. According to their announcement post, they will also be adding a fiat gateway in the coming months allowing new capital to flow directly into the ecosystem.

Exchange Token

Another part of the announcement they made yesterday was their own token called FREEX. Initially offered at a 1:1 trade rate with Steem, FREEX will be offered for sale on the FreedomEx website. The token is going to have a supply of 20,000,000 and will be the main trading pair for the exchange.

Another touted feature for the FREEX token is their FREEX success share program which aims to allocate 75% of the platform’s trading fees back to the FREEX holders in the form of a daily calculation. In addition if you hold 1,500 FREEX by April 30, 2019 will be receiving lifetime free trades.

Learn More Tonight

The team will be doing a beta launch of the exchange tonight at 6pm CST. To celebrate this event they will also be live streaming a launch party that is going to be taking place over Discord, Vimm.tv, YouTube, Twitch and even the always questionable Facebook. If you have any questions they will be taking them in the form of an Ask Me Anything to help answer any questions the community might have. I know I will certainly be watching!

Referral System

FreedomEx has also announced a referral system for anyone who signs up. I would be honored if you would take a moment to register your account using my referral code:


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