I’m working on a new feature for ShopSteem that will allow vendors to be able to list their products in a raffle style but I need to test things out. I figured testing with a little Steem raffle would be a fun way to invite the community to help out and let someone walk away with a bit of extra STEEM.

This particular raffle will have 15 entry positions at $.50 a piece that can be purchased with STEEM, SBD or Bitcoin. Follow the link below to place your entry today! The raffle will end on 3/31/19 at 17:00 and a winner will be announced on the product page.

Part of introducing the lottery system is requiring an account when making a purchase. I’ve updated the ‘My Account’ page to now allow customers to register directly from the account page. If you’ve not signed up yet this will make things really simple for you.

What is ShopSteem?

ShopSteem is a multi-vendor marketplace aimed at allowing anyone the opportunity to earn or spend Steem. Anyone will be able to create an account that allows them to buy from other vendors using STEEM, SBD, or Bitcoin. Additionally users will be able to apply to be a vendor and list their own products within the store and receive a payout in STEEM.

Vendors are able to sell their virtual or physical goods and will receive STEEM in return. It’s my belief this will allow users a new way to earn STEEM and thus help to further expand the token’s distribution.

Is ShopSteem Ready to Launch?

This is by no means a final product and is in a working alpha state. Most features should be working fine but you may notice performance issues and broken links. I will continue working to ensure these are addressed but your reports will certainly help.

You still have questions? Let’s talk!

If this sounds like something that might be interesting for you then I hope you’ll consider it. If you have any questions on how the platform works please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below. You can also reach out to me via Discord by checking out the ShopSteem Discord.

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