Earlier this week I started asking if people would help me test ShopSteem.com’s new Lottery function. As this feature continues to roll out it will eventually allow anyone to create a raffle style lottery and take payments in Steem.

As I made the call there were a few people who were kind enough to give the inaugural lottery a test. I send all of my gratitude to @katiulrich, @shaidon and @horpey for each of their ticket purchases. You helped me confirm that your payments were processed and properly applied to tickets. You should have each received notification via the email you provided that the auction has ended. Please let me know if you didn’t get this kind of email this evening.

All that being said the project seems to be a success. The system has automatically chosen @shaidon and I personally received my notifications. This also removed the option to purchase additional tickets for this auction and removed it from the lottery listings. I’m very pleased with the first test.

I once again thank each of you for your efforts to help test and once again congratulations to @shaidon on winning! I hope you get the chance to spend it on something amazing! Maybe you’ll want to test out my next ShopSteem feature introduction for auction listings.

First ShopSteem Auction

I’ll also take this as a chance to announce my first ShopSteem auction. I’m using ShopSteem to allow for an auction to determine the best price for a delegation of a Frost Giant Steem Monster card. If you enjoy Steem Monsters and would like to get in an early bid be sure to check out my auction on ShopSteem with the link below:

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