@kennethbosak had asked me today what I used for a Vimm chat overlay when I stream so I thought it would be a cool write up to detail each of the services I use to display chat, upvotes, donations, etc. If I’m missing an overlay that you use often let me know in the comments and I’ll try to check it out!

Vimm Chat with TTS


This is one of my favorites. When I first started streaming to DLive a year or so ago I really enjoyed when my chat would read via TTS so I could focus in on my game yet still be tied in with my audience. It also displays the chat in your stream so people can see the chat on replays and what not.

To customize for yourself just change patrickulrich to your Steem username. Now just add as a browser source to your stream and you’ll be checking chat in no time. If you prefer to go without TTS just delete the /?tts off the end of your address and you’ll still get the onscreen display without the reading of comments.

Vimm View Counter


This is what I use to keep the little counter in the lower left hand of my stream. It displays the Vimm logo with the current number of people watching you live. I think it’s an excellent way to showcase Vimm while also letting me know when new people are tuning in.

To customize this for yourself just change patrickulrich to your Steem username. Now just add as a browser source to your stream and you’ll have a new view counter ready to go!

Steem Upvote and Donation Alerts + More


This one is the gem of the group. @zygibo created a suite of tools for Steem based streams. This will allow you to have popups on upvotes and donations while also giving you a counter to showcase your number of Steem followers. Each one is different so if you only need the donation then you just set that one up.

To customize for yourself follow the link above. On the site you’ll input your Steem account name and then any customization you want. From there just click ‘save settings and get OBS links’ and you’ll be greeted with a number of options to customize your stream.



Finally I have some tools I’ve set up from Streamlabs set up to monitor new Twitch donations and followers. I don’t really pay a lot of attention to Twitch but I figured these would be nice for anyone that did participate from one of those platforms. I’d still much prefer to bring everyone into Vimm over Twitch in the first place.

Another Streamlab tool I plan to utilize soon is their custom widget for Sponsor Banners. If you know of any cool crypto projects seeking a sponsor please let me know!

A Couple Tools I’m Dreaming Of

I really want an OBS source that pops up on a BTC lightning donation. I think this would be a real game changer towards sites who’s monetization method is taking from their communities (ie DLive, Twitch, YouTube, etc.) I would love to see their faces when they see people using the backends while keeping 100% of what they are given.

The other cool tool would be a lightning jukebox. Something where a user could place a YouTube link in and send a defined amount of BTC via lightning. When the payment processes their YouTube link is added to the playlist. I’ve seen that Blockstream has a c-lightning implementation but I’ve not been able to get it working. If you all know of any other tools like this I’m all ears!

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