I just made my first donation to a streamer on Vimm.tv using the native Steem-Engine token VIMM! I’ve been a huge fan of Vimm for a while now and have been collecting VIMM tokens from voting on streams. Yes you heard me right! You can start collecting VIMM tokens right now just by voting on active streams regardless of your Steem Power!

Today I was watching @big-m play Fortnite when he had a few fantastic kills. The first that caught my eye was when he was riding a hoverboard and drove up on a guy and they started shooting shotguns at one another. @big-m narrowly escaped being shot to death (something like 5 HP left) but then drove around and finished the guy off! He went on to have quite a few more impressive kills so I wanted to showcase how awesome he was doing and figured what better way than by sending some native VIMM over!

I’m impressed with how well it works despite not being supported for sending directly from the site. I just logged in to my Steem Keychain and found the token I needed and sent along a little message about how good he was doing in Fortnite. A few moments later my picture popped up above his chat with my donation amount plus the memo message I sent along! For being a pre-alpha (my words and not @chiren) this is pretty freaking awesome!

Great work @vimm team!

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