Tonight I tuned in to @kennethbosak streaming Steem Monsters on! Kenn had started digging into what all you could do with @steemmonster’s new Dark Energy Crystals when he found the store. After making a Steem Engine trade, Kenn purchased some orbs and other potions to play around with. As always Kenn was way too gracious and sent me my first Essence Orb!

I claimed the orb but for whatever reason my screenshot didn’t save properly so I don’t have a recap of what all came in the orb. Regardless I’m extremely thankful for Kenn’s gift and the time he spent showing me around the new DEC update.

Tomorrow I’m going to stream a little Steem Monster action on @vimm myself! I’m hoping to finally get back into the swing of playing and start earning some dark energy crystals to power my account up more! If you have any suggestions before I get started please let me know!

On a side note I’m really digging the value of Steem Engine and tokens on Steem in general. While I was excited coming into their release I’m finally really understanding the value they bring to community building. I can’t wait until everyone is tokenizing their communities. I’m becoming more and more bullish that this may end up occurring within the Steem ecosystem!

Do you have any SE tokens yet? If so are you using them within their respective communities or just holding the tokens for speculation?

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