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LexingtonBitcoin.org Matrix Federation Fixed

When I updated the services on LexingtonBitcoin.org a few days ago it looks like the Matrix update removed our .well-known file. This has been causing a number of issues within our chat applications and even broke our federation to the wider Matrix ecosystem. This was the culprit for why our poll for moving locations wasn’t syncing between Matrix and our Telegram and Discord rooms. I am however very happy to report this has now been fixed!

Once I realized the issue was on our end and not on the t2bot side I came to realize that we weren’t federating properly. I kept trying to join the t2bot’s matrix room to troubleshoot and realized I couldn’t join and thus it might be a federation thing. After digging into the server and finding that our .well-known folder was missing in /var/www/lexingtonbitcion.org it was an easy fix to get things back to normal.

Any messages sent during this downtime should begin federating again but may appear out of order based on when they we’re received to our server. I’ve noticed some are already starting to filter in. The rest will filter in as those servers update against ours. This will also restore the links between our Matrix and Telegram/Discord servers.

I apologize for the disruption and for any messages that have been missed over the last few days. Moving forward I’ve put in place a new set of tests I will run after updating our core Matrix client to ensure I don’t miss this again. This includes sending messages from a Matrix.org account to users within the homeserver and back to test the federation.

If you are still having any issues with our server please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter if you can’t reach me via Matrix. I will be more than happy to look into any issues that might arise.

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