Good afternoon,

We’ll be meeting at The Cellar tonight at 6pm to have our Weekly Social Meetup. If you’re in the area we’d love to have you out with us!

We don’t have any speakers lined up for this meeting but there’s plenty to talk about! I’ve put together some random news events over the last week but there’s been far more happen in the world.

Bitcoin Metrics for 5/10
Price: $31,215 as of 735,812
Money Supply: 19,036,104.68
Percentage Issued: 90.64%
Min Fee Rate: 1 sat/vB
Hash Rate: 224.0 EH/s
Difficulty: 29,794,407,589,312.00

Bitcoin tumbles more than 50% from all-time high
– Tick, tock another block

LFG Moves Bitcoin Reserves
– LFG announces $1.5 billion of bitcoin reserves moved to market makers

MicroStrategies Goes Underwater for First Time
– Largest corporate bitcoin holder goes in red
– MicroStrategy paid an average of $30,700 per Bitcoin
– Saylor implies they are never selling the Bitcoin

El Salvador Buys The Dip
– Bukele announces 500 BTC purchase
– El Salvador now holds 2,301 Bitcoin

Home Sold For Bitcoin in Louisville
– first real-estate transaction using Bitcoin in Louisville
– fund transfer cost $0.70 in transaction fees

Argentina’s Central Bank Bans Banks from Offering Bitcoin Services
– IMF approved a $45B bailout for Argentina last month that stipulated the country would discourage the use of cryptocurrencies
– announced after largest private bank in Argentina added the option to buy and sell Bitcoin on its platform

My Citadel Wallet v1.0 Released
– multisig wallets with advanced time based spending conditions
– still in beta, do not use with large amounts
– full taproot support
– hardware wallet support
h/t no bullshit bitcoin

Joinmarket v0.9.6 released
– creates new messaging channel via Tor onions
– fidelity bond change

These are just some of the topics we’ll be discussing tonight. Free free to bring any topics of discussion for the group that you find interesting! We all want to learn this journey together.

See you tonight!

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