Good afternoon,

We are meeting at The Cellar tonight at 6pm to have our Weekly Social Meetup. I think we’re out in the main room beside the big screen again. We’ll have the Meetup sign up on the end of one of the tables.

We’ll be joined by Abe Sutherland and Jeff Hetzel, who are working on a lawsuit to protect cryptocurrency users against federal surveillance.

Otherwise here’s a look at some of the news events over the last week in Bitcoin:

Bitcoin Metrics for 5/24
Price: $29,365 as of 737,757
Money Supply: 19,048,273.43 BTC
Percentage Issued: 90.7%
Fee Rate: 11 sat/vB
Hash Rate: 207.9 EH/s
Difficulty: 31.3×1012

Russia Legalizing Bitcoin and Crypto is a Matter of Time
– Denis Manturov, Russian minister of industry and trade, explains that legalizing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment will happen given time

Central African Republic to launch bitcoin investment platform
– coined Sango, was started by CAR National Assembly
– “The formal economy is no longer an option” – President Faustin-Archange Touadera

Geyser Integrates with Fountain App
– Boost Geyser Fundraising campaigns by boosting directly from Fountain app

DMix: decentralized mixer for unlinkability
– a protocol that lets participants operate a decentralized mixer to exchange coins in the Bitcoin blockchain
– video demo:

Bitcoin Seed Tool v1.0.5 released
– Selecting ‘Last Word Generator’ from the BIP39 tool list will allow you to pick seed words from a hat and then manage the remaining bits to generate the checksum word

Sparrow Wallet v.1.6.4 Released
– Native support for Apple M1 (aarch64)
– Add Blockstream Jade support
– Upgrade to HWI 2.1.0 for hardware wallet Taproot signing (Trezor and Ledger)
– Support scanning seed QRs
– Add dust attack warning to UTXOs where small value transactions are received on previously used addresses

These are just some of the topics we’ll be discussing tonight. Free free to bring any topics of discussion for the group that you find interesting! We all want to learn this journey together.

See you tonight!

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