Good afternoon,

We are meeting at The Cellar tonight at 6pm to have our Weekly Social Meetup. When you get to The Cellar ask for the Bitcoin group or just head over to the Lansdown Room in the back. We’ll have the Meetup sign up on the end of one of the tables.

We don’t have any speakers lined up for this meeting but there’s plenty to talk about! I’ve put together some random news events over the last week but there’s been far more happen in the world.

Bitcoin Metrics for 5/31
Price: $31,670 as of 738,757
Money Supply: 19,054,523.43 BTC
Percentage Issued: 90.73%
Fee Rate: 9 sat/vB
Hash Rate: 212.0 EH/s
Difficulty: 29.9×1012

JPMorgan Says Bitcoin Is Undervalued By 28%
– Maintaining its estimate of bitcoin’s fair value at $38,000, the bank today reiterated the assessment it gave the asset in February
– the bank has also stated that it is replacing real estate with digital, or crypto, assets as its preferred alternative asset class

Turkey Pushes for Bigger Say Over Crypto Market With Draft Bills
– Turkey is crafting legislation that would establish greater control over the cryptocurrency market
– leaning toward imposing a symbolic levy on the purchase of cryptocurrencies

Russia mulls allowing cryptocurrency for international payments, Interfax reports
– “The idea of using digital currencies in transactions for international settlements is being actively discussed,” Ivan Chebeskov, head of the finance ministry’s financial policy department
– finance ministry is discussing adding the latest proposal on international payments to an updated version of a draft law, the Vedomosti newspaper reported on Friday

One of Panama’s Largest Banks Just Became Bitcoin Friendly
– Towerbank, a top 30 bank in Panama, just announced bitcoin friendly services at an event hosted by the Chamber of Digital Commerce and Blockchain of Panama

BTCPay Server 1.5.4 released
– allow resending verification email for users
– Allow pull payments denominated in SATS to be claimed
– Balance was not updated after a wallet rescan

Zeus v0.6.5-rc1 Released
– LND v0.15: send and receive to Taproot addresses
– Add Spark connection QR scanner
– NFC linking on Android when app is closed
– Channels unannounced by default

These are just some of the topics that will be up for discussion tonight. Free free to bring any topics of discussion for the group that you find interesting! We all want to learn this journey together.

See you tonight!

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