Is It Safe To Invest In Bitcoin?

It’s common to wonder if it is safe to invest in Bitcoin. This is a very normal question when you are early in your Bitcoin journey. No one wants to invest their funds where they may lose it. Bitcoin is a completely new asset that shares a lot of similarities to other financial tools. It is something you have to reevaluate a lot of things you may take for granted in more traditional assets.

Is It Safe To Invest In Bitcoin

What Are Some Risks to Your Investment in Bitcoin?

As with anything there are risks when investing in Bitcoin. Despite that Bitcoin can be very safe to invest in when used properly! Planning ahead for risks can help save you tons of headaches and heartbreaks down the road. We all know that what hits the internet, stays on the internet. Keeping this in mind, it becomes clear that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when building a Bitcoin strategy.


Bitcoin is a new asset class and it’s still very early in it’s adoption curve. This makes it a great investment for the potential upside of owning it. This also means that the market is still early in understanding of how to price Bitcoin. For this reason, you can anticipate that Bitcoin will continue to be a volatile asset for the foreseeable future with potential major price fluctuations.

You can consider the volatility a positive point for Bitcoin if you prepare your entry purchase. By taking advantage of the timing of your purchase you can make yourself better prepared for future price swings. This is also a reason to consider dollar cost averaging your purchases of Bitcoin making it much more safe to invest in.


Bitcoin is a digital asset and preparing your security is extremely important to ensuring it is safe to invest in. While using it you must make sure that your procedures and digital workspace are secure. This makes using Bitcoin have a whole new range of risks associated when compared to other assets. Fortunately there are solutions to alleviate a lot of these risks by preparing the way you generate and store your Bitcoin keys.

You must always make sure that the private key information used to generate your Bitcoin wallet is secure and preferably stored offline. This solves a large swath of issues that Bitcoiners often experience when relying on less secure storage solutions.


Privacy is extremely important to keeping your investment safe. The less an adversary knows about your investment the less risk they have of using that information against you in some form. You want to be sure to keep information as private as possible.

All Bitcoin transactions are stored on a public ledger. While wallets may not ask for your personal details there’s still lots of personal information that can obtained just by looking at that ledger and comparing it against outside information. If you limit what information is leaked you can save yourself lots of hassle.

Bitcoin is still a burgeoning asset class with tons of room to still grow. It has the potential to challenge everything we know about value and finance. As long as you stay prepared and vigilant then Bitcoin can be very safe to invest! If you ever have questions or would like a personal consultation then please consider contacting me. I’d love to sit down and help you look at what all you should consider when getting started!

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