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What a weekend! If you haven’t heard already Bitcoin’s price continued to dip over the past week. If you were paying attention over the weekend you might have even scored some corn at prices we haven’t seen in a couple years. We’ve already started ticking back up but will there be more price drops in our future? Let’s talk about it tonight!

We’ll be meeting at The Cellar at 6pm tonight for this week’s meetup. Please consider RSVPing for the meetup to ensure you have a seat for the event. Space is limited so priority is given to those that RSVP. When you get to The Cellar ask for the Bitcoin group or just head over to the Lansdown Room in the back. The TV should have our meetup logo up.

We don’t have any speakers lined up for this meeting but there’s plenty to talk about! Craig Deutsch sent us a copy of The Bitcoin Game for us to play tonight. We’ll have it out for anyone wanting to play through. It says gameplay should last about an hour. Otherwise here’s some news events in the Bitcoin space over the last week but there’s been far more happen in the world.

Bitcoin Metrics for 6/21
Price: $20,905 as of 741,763
Money Supply: 19,073,310.93 BTC
Percentage Issued: 90.82%
Fee Rate: 10 sat/vB
Hash Rate: 214.5 EH/s
Difficulty: 30.3×1012

A new vulnerability in Intel and AMD CPUs lets hackers steal encryption keys
– Bitcoin doesn’t look to be directly affected

14 Members Of The US Congress School EPA On Bitcoin Mining And Green Energy
– provided the counterpoint and singled out the environmental benefits of bitcoin mining; crucial industry is for USA
– signed by KY 6th District Rep. Andy Barr

Third Largest Russian Oil Company Gazpromneft Partners with Bitriver To Mine Bitcoin
– Russia’s third-largest oil producer, Gazpromneft, is entering the bitcoin mining space
– Gazpromneft will be partnering with Swiss-based bitcoin mining firm BitRiver to deliver energy resources to new and remote oil field locations

Crypto Exchange FTX Extends $250 Million Credit Line to Lender BlockFi
– move “bolsters our balance sheet and platform strength.” BlockFi CEO Zac Prince added that “the proceeds of the credit facility are intended to be contractually subordinate to all client balances across all account types (BIA, BPY & loan collateral) and will be used as needed.”

Deloitte, NYDIG Partner to Help Institutions Adopt Bitcoin
– Deloitte has partnered with Bitcoin bank NYDIG to onboard businesses and further the adoption of BTC
– The partnership seeks to improve upon reliability and accessibility for businesses around the world hoping to integrate Bitcoin products and services
– Deloitte advises businesses worldwide, including 90% of the Fortune 500 companies

Fountain Adds Listen to Earn, Promotions & Paid Likes
– earn Bitcoin listening to your favorite podcasts with Fountain 0.4.0

These are just some of the topics that will be up for discussion tonight. Free free to bring any topics of discussion for the group that you find interesting! We all want to learn this journey together.

See you tonight!

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