Adding An Account To Hive Keychain Using Authority

One of the best ways to managing a shared account on Hive is to use account authorities. This allows you to set other users to be able to sign for actions on an account instead of issuing a new key or even worse sharing account access keys. This also saves the user that’s going to be managing the new account from having to keep track of all kinds of different keys for various accounts. With this guide we’ll look at how you can then go about adding an account to Hive Keychain using authority instead of using a key.

Adding Accounts to Hive Keychain Using Authority

For this post I’d like to share a quick guide about how to add accounts to Hive Keychain using account authority instead of using keys. In it I’ll refer to the main account that we are giving access to posting as simply the main account. I’ll also be referencing the account that we will give access to as the authorized account.

Guide for Adding Accounts to Hive Keychain Using Authority

1.) Add the authorized account to have permissions on your main account.

You can do this rather simply by visiting your main account's profile on From there click 'Account Actions' and then 'Keys & Permissions' on the dropdown. On the next page click the 'Authorities' tab and then add the desired permissions from the 'Add New Authority' button.

2.) Make sure your Hive Keychain is installed and ready to go. This will require that you have it set up with a password and that your authorized account’s keys are stored in Hive Keychain already.

3.) Click the hamburger menu in Hive Keychain

4.) Select ‘Accounts’

5.) Click ‘Add Account’

6.) Choose ‘Use authorized account’ from the setup options

7.) Set the ‘Username’ field to use the account name for your main account

8.) Input your authorized account name in the ‘Authorized Account’ field

9.) Click ‘Submit’

That’s it! You should be able to now use the main account on Hive Keychain by signing using your authorized account. When you visit Peakd, or any other site that’s using Keychain, you should now be able to sign in using the main account.

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