What is NIP-08?

NIP-08, or Handling Mentions, is a standard that outlines how clients, or software programs that interact with the Nostr messaging network, should handle mentions of other events and pubkeys within the content of text_notes.

One key aspect of NIP-08 is the use of autocomplete components or similar features when a user starts typing a special key, such as “@”, or presses a button to include a mention. This allows clients to unambiguously differentiate between mentions and normal text.

Once a mention has been identified, for example a pubkey or event ID, the client is required to add that pubkey or event ID to the tags array of the text_note event, and replace its textual reference in the content with a notation like “#[index]”, where “index” refers to the 0-based index of the mentioned item in the tags array.

This process allows clients to easily search for and replace mentions in text_note events with the actual pubkey or event ID that is being mentioned. This can be useful for providing context and additional information about the mentioned item, such as linking to the pubkey or displaying a preview of the mentioned event’s contents.

Overall, NIP-08 helps to improve the functionality and usability of the Nostr messaging network by allowing for the easy inclusion and handling of mentions within text_note events. This can be especially useful for users who want to reference or discuss specific events or pubkeys within their messages, as it allows them to easily include this information and have it displayed in a clear and consistent manner.

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