My story

About me


I’ve always believed that technology can improve our world by empowering individuals and businesses with the freedom to realize their own dreams. It’s that bedrock principle that’s influenced a lot of my choices over the years. It’s also brought me experience in a ton of developing technologies that are poised to reshape the world. Now I’m doing what I can to help those around me be able to not only understand these technologies but be prepared to use them to help make this a brighter world.

My story

I grew up in the hills of eastern Kentucky where our entire county had only one stop light. This is definitely not the area you’d imagine someone would walk away enamored with technology. Despite the rural area my family was keen to nurture my interests. I’ll never forget when I was given an Apple IIc with all the power to run programs from a ​5-1/4 inch disc. It wasn’t anywhere close to the top of the line but was more than enough to help me build an early interest in technology.

My first introduction to the internet came in the form of a consumer device known as WebTV in the mid-90s. These devices would plug into your TV and allow you to surf the early web. There wasn’t a lot to be seen at the time but there was more than enough to begin to form my view on where the world would go.

More importantly it would be where I was first introduced to programming. I remember creating early fan sites for the Kentucky Wildcats on Geocities with my father when I was only 10 . Little did I know but I would be picking up a technology skill that I’d still be using regularly 25 years later.

I would carry my interest in technology into my school work as well. As my final years of high school came to a close I began working for the Board of Education as a help-desk worker. 

Unfortunately when I came to college I found that my studies there felt remedial. I had already been working with skills that were ages above what my early computer science course were teaching. I’d end up losing interest and instead pursuing a business focused degree.

 I would take that degree out into the professional world helping companies like Verizon and Creative Lodging Solutions fulfill their company needs with sales and management roles. Meanwhile I was learning a new technology that would define the next decade of my life in Bitcoin.

As I would go deeper and deeper into Bitcoin I realized that Kentucky was in an undeserved area that few were positioned to help. That’s when I decided to step up to do what I could by launching the first Bitcoin ATM in the state of Kentucky. This allowed anyone in the state to walk up to a local machine and purchase Bitcoin with regular United States Dollars.

Nowadays I’ve still been deeply involved the Bitcoin space. I’ve formed a new company that helps individuals and organizations find solutions to their real world problems by utilizing this transformative money in multiple different ways.

I also still help individuals and business who are seeking other kinds of technology solutions outside of the blockchain realm. This can be through helping design and build web properties or providing support for your local IT team. 

Let’s work together

I’d love the oppurtunity to leverage my skills to help your project succed. Please reach out and let’s find out what needs you have that I can help you fill!