What is NIP-08?

NIP-08, or Handling Mentions, is a standard that outlines how clients, or software programs that interact with the Nostr messaging network, should handle mentions of other events and pubkeys within the content of text_notes. One key aspect of NIP-08 is the use of autocomplete components or similar features when a user starts typing a special …

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What is NIP-06?

BIP39 is a standard that defines how to generate a mnemonic phrase, which is a group of words that can be used to represent a large, randomly generated number. This mnemonic phrase can then be used to generate a binary seed, which is a representation of the same number in binary form. The binary seed …

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What is NIP-26?

NIP-26, or “Delegated Event Signing,” is a proposal for how events on the Nostr protocol can be delegated and signed by other keypairs. This feature introduces a new tag called “delegation,” which allows a user’s public key to authorize other keypairs to generate events on their behalf. One application of this proposal is to abstract …

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What does NIP mean?

NIP stands for Nostr Implementation Possibility. It is a document that outlines the standards and guidelines for implementing Nostr-compatible software, including both client and relay software. Nostr is a decentralized social networking protocol that allows users to communicate and share content in a censorship-resistant manner. It operates by using relays, which are servers that accept …

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